Who's Who in New Zealand biogas

New Zealand has a strong biogas industry with a skilled workforce experienced in current biogas technologies, design and operation. There is also a supportive research sector. Successful operation of a biogas plant depends on the feedstocks and the experience of the operators.
(image: Previous anaerobic digester at FORTEX Silverstream in Mosgiel)

The companies/organisations currently involved in producing biogas, providing advice on its generation, or that can assist with generation design and plant fabrication or purchase are listed in the following categories:

Key Players in the Biogas Sector in New Zealand
Consultants Asset owners / operators

- Private facility owners / operators
- Territorial councils
- Food processors
Equipment/providers/plant design engineers
Industry Associations
Research and Universities

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Silver Members:

ADI Systems Asia Pacific
Contact: Steve Brewster
/ Website / Company Profile
Activities: Waste treatment with energy recovery.
See the Bioenergy Projects Directory for projects.

East Harbour Energy
Contact: Mike Suggate
Email / Website / Company Profile
Activities: Wood fuels supply, heat plant, feasibility studies, commercial analysis and negotiation.

Ordinary Members:

Website / Profile
Activities: Engineering consulting.
See the Bioenergy Projects Directory for projects

Beca Amec
Website / Profile
Activities: Engineering consultancy. See the Bioenergy Projects Directory for projects

Natural Systems
Website / Profile
Activities: Biofuels research

Calibre Consulting
Website / Profile
Activities: Engineering consulting/development. See See the Bioenergy Projects Directory for projects

Not listed? If your details are not listed on this website you will need to complete the appropriate table (according to your chosen level of Membership) in the BANZ Membership Application Form, and send to Connie Crookshanks to discuss how you can be listed.

Equipment Provider / Plant Design Engineers

Website / Profile
Activities: Biogas engineering solutions; waste water treatment works. See the Bioenergy Projects Directory for projects

Heavens Power Solutions
Website / Profile
Activities: Residential heating biogas.

Natural Systems
Website / Profile
Activities: Biofuels research

Nu-Way Energy (NZ)
Website / Profile
Activities: Equipment providers

Pump Systems Ltd
Website / Profile
Activities: Equipment providers.

Asset owners/operators (councils, private facility owner/operators, other facilities)

Facility owners / operators
Gold Member:
Energy for Industry
Contact: Grant Smith
Email / Website / Company Profile

Energy for Industry (EfI) is a leading energy and utility solutions business. EfI can run or own your energy and utility plant, help you to improve energy efficiency and manage external fuel supply. This can involve for instance heat or refrigeration facilities and waste water treatment and, in some cases, small power generation plants.

We work with you to ensure best practice performance in the use of energy and utility services, which might involve us fully funding energy improvement projects and sharing the savings with you. The aim is to develop a total energy and utility partnership on a long-term basis.

Energy for Industry (EfI) owns and operates the Silverstream landfill biogas collection set up and produces electricity from a 2 MW gas engines that have been operational since 1992.

Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Codes 1002, 1245
Silver Member:

Fonterra Co-operative Group
Contact: Tony Oosten
Email / Website / Company Profile

Fonterra Co-operative Group is committed to looking for innovative ways to optimise its energy mix towards cleaner, more efficient forms of energy, while continuing to reduce consumption. Fonterra continues to investigate the feasibility of technologies with the potential to reduce emissions and contribute to its energy effcieincy and that of its farmers.
Nova Energy - Nova Energy is 100% Kiwi-owned by Todd Energy and one of the leading New Zealand energy companies. Nova Energy are operators of the Southern Landfill Electricity Generation Plant in Wellington (Generator rated capacity: 1,065 kW; Generation volumes: 8 GWh of electricity annually - enough to meet the demands of around 1000 average households). Further details here . Happy Valley Landfill / Southern Landfill EGP - Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1002
Envirowaste – Envirowaste operate four landfill gas generation sites in New Zealand – Greenmount and Rosedale (combined capacity = 8.2 MW and operational from 1992), Tirohia (2 MW and operational since 2008). The Rosedale and Greenmount stations are owned by a joint venture between Mighty River Power and Envirowaste Services.
Bioenergy Projects Directory
- Project Code 1173
Bioenergy Projects Directory
- Project Code 1172
Transpacific Industries(Waste Management) Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Ltd is involved with a number of landfill facilities throughout New Zealand, including Redvale Landfill at Dairy Flat, Rodney District and Fairfield Landfill in Dunedin which are owned and operated by Transpacific's Waste Management division. (Owner of Redvale Landfill - Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1175)
HG Leach Company Ltd
(Owner of Tirohia Landfill -
Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1190)
Territorial Councils in New Zealand with biogas facilities
Several New Zealand territorial councils generate biogas from their sewage and waste water treatment facilities and landfill sites. Details on the activities of the following Councils are presented below:
* Hamilton City Council - wastewater treatment plant
* Christchurch City Council - landfill gas and wastewater treatment plants.
* Dunedin City Council - wastewater treatment plant
* North Shore City Council - wastewater treatment plant
* Palmerston North City Council - landfill gas and wastewater treatment plant
* Porirua City Council - landfill gas

Locate these biogas activities (and more) on the Bioenergy Projects Directory
HAMILTON CITY COUNCIL - Pukete Road wastewater treatment - cogeneration from digester gas - Hamilton is an excellent example of the use of both natural gas and bio-gas at its wastewater treatment plant. This is the only New Zealand site where natural gas is blended with bio-gas and used to power generators. Further details here. Capacity is 1 MW. The Waukesha generating units have been replaced with a 2.2MW Caterpillar unit in conjunction with upgraded digester process. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1193
DUNEDIN CITY COUNCIL – Green Island Wastewater Treatment Plant - Commissioned in May 2012. The gas engine project comprising containerised power generation and blower modules uses biogas from the waste water treatment plant as a fuel. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1158
CHRISTCHURCH CITY COUNCIL - Burwood Landfill Gas - Christchurch City Council has turned waste into a resource by capturing gas from the closed Burwood landfill to heat and power the QEII Park swimming pool complex. Using landfill gas at QEII Park will replace 1.5 million litres of liquid petroleum gas each year, helping to reduce the Council's reliance on fossil fuels. The project also has benefits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, because methane gas is captured instead of being released into the environment. Further details here. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1189
CHRISTCHURCH CITY COUNCIL - Bromley Waste Water Treatment – Digester Gas - The Council´s Bromley wastewater treatment plant was commissioned in January 1996. The Waukesha 8LAT27GL cogeneration unit operates on digester gas, and is rated for a continuous output of 1,550 kWe. Supplied and installed by ENTEC Services. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1178
NORTH SHORE CITY COUNCIL - Rosedale WWTP Cogeneration from digester gas - Initially, ENTEC Services installed and commissioned a Waukesha VHP2900G cogeneration package at the North Shore City Council´s Rosedale Road waste-water treatment plant in 1984. This unit operates on digester gas, and is rated for a continuous output of 230kWe. The site is now operating two Deutz Units supplied by Energen of Brisbane, the existing Waukesha unit was abandoned around 2005. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1328
PALMERSTON NORTH CITY COUNCIL - Landfill Gas - resource recovery centre at Awapuni - Palmerston North City Councils burns methane gas from the Awapuni landfill to power the wastewater treatment plant and the remainder goes to the national grid. Further details here and here. Total capacity is 1000MWe. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1247
PALMERSTON NORTH CITY COUNCIL - Totara Road - waste water treatment plant and upgraded digester - A recent upgrade at the facility means that it can digest a wider range of additional industrial waste including piggery manure, whey waste, grease trap waste, and selected food industry flotation foams. Digesting this waste produces an increase in biogas - which means PNCC ultimately avoids natural gas purchase costs and gets an income stream from collecting the waste in the first place. By viewing organic waste as a resource reduces the sludge going to landfill by 60 per cent. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1171 Going Greener with Palmerston North City Council's Biogas to Energy Project
PORIRUA CITY COUNCIL- Spicer Landfill - landfill gas - The Spicer Landfill has been operational since 2009. It has a gas rating of 1000kW. There is no generation at this site. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1326
Food processors
The following list includes active plants and those with potential.
* KiwiFruit process residues - Zespri
* Dairy effluent - Fonterra
* Chicken litter waste - Inghams
* Piggery effluent - Pork New Zealand, PIC New Zealand, Department of Corrections.
Zespri - Kiwi Fruit process residues - Zespri has been looking into ways of turning kiwifruit waste into something more valuable than animal fodder. The objectives of turning the waste into biogas are:
* a reduction of post harvest costs, and
* an improved market access in countries with potential concerns about the carbon footprint of kiwifruit from New Zealand.
BANZ Member AECOM prepared a Consultancy Report at the request of Zespri to assess the potential. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code: 1232
Dairy effluent - Projects Fonterra - At the Fonterra Tirau plant an anaerobic digester operates on the factory wastewater which provides 30 percent of the gas requirement for the boiler. This is a great example of turning a waste stream into a valuable resource. See details here. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code 1327 Inghams - Chicken litter waste - Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty Ltd commissioned BANZ Member AECOM to investigate the potential conversion of chicken processing waste to biogas. The plant processes 100,000 chickens per day. Bioenergy Projects Directory - Project Code: 1234
Piggery effluent - Projects - Pork New Zealand - see the Pork NZ/EECA project resources here. NIWA Projects Biogas from Pig Farms


Industry Associations

Given the nature of the biogas feedstock, BANZ works in support of the following industry Associations:


Research and Universities

New Zealand is well served for leading and well respected researchers (private and public sector) in the area of biogas research.

Biogas Researchers / Universities
Ordinary members:

Bioenergy Cropping Solutions
Email / Profile
Activities: Biomass Research

Massey University
Website / Profile
Activities: Research.

Website / Profile
Activities: Research.

University of Canterbury
Website / Profile
Activities: Research

Other sector players (Non-members):

* NZ Plant and Food Research
* AgResearch
* Landcare Research
* Greenlane Biogas




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