BIOGEST builds second RNG plant in South Dakota

Press release, 20 September 2022 

BIOGEST builds second RNG plant in South Dakota.  The plant has a thermal output of 70,000 MMBTU p.a. and operates on 178,000t of cow manure per year.  During the process, the manure is transformed into high-quality organic fertilizer that acts as a substitute for chemical products. After the project is complete, the biogas generated by this manure will be captured, cleaned, and converted into RNG. BIOGEST’s proven biogas plant technology offers significant advantages in energy efficiency and operational safety as well as an easy and cost-efficient maintenance system.

RNG is the only renewable energy source that can be carbon-negative, as it significantly reduces methane emissions from agricultural operations. BIOGEST’s RNG plants produce not only pipeline quality green gas but also an organic fertilizer that helps to lower the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture. 

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