Bioenergy Australia is a member of IEA Bioenergy Task Group 37 - Energy from Biogas and has established a participation group. Access to the participation group is free.

  • The participation group has prepared a report on biogas in Australia. This is based on a survey of biogas facilities in Australia.
  • Reports on biogas use in Australia are available from here.

Reports and tools for calculating the biogas that can be obtained from: 

Useful resources

PigBal model - A nutrient balance model for intensive piggeries PigBal Version 2.14) - is used to calculate nutrient and salt content in the waste effluent from a piggery and is comprised of: The PigBal Manual, and the PigBal workbook both are available on the Australian Govt - Dept of Environment website.
Note also the Carbon Farming Initiative Methodology Report.