Waste-to-Energy Biogas Strategy

The Waste-to-Energy via Biogas Strategy was developed by the Biogas Committee of the Bioenergy Association (BANZ) and is a 30-year outline of a potential sector development in this country. 

The purpose of this document is to assist the New Zealand biogas industry coordinate its aspirations and actions.  It informs the government and energy sectors about the possible role that biogas can play in the future energy mix of New Zealand.  It is a working document intended to be regularly reviewed and updated in the future.

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Regional waste to energy opportunities

Waste and biomass could be the basis of building economic resilience in the regions. Identifying regional waste and biomass resources could lead to adjoining regions sharing utilisation of excesses and developing appropriately scaled facilities that were economic and avoided duplication of symbiotic processes. For example one region could do all the tyres and the other all the plastics etc; one might have more available wood while the other could grow crops etc, etc. Fits nicely with the move towards local government collaboration.