Renewable LPG

Renewable LPG

LPG is an important energy source throughout New Zealand but with a national transition to greater use of renewable fuels it is timely to think about bio based renewable LPG (rLPG).

Internationally rLPG is seen as an eventual replacement of LPG from mineral sources. Already available on the market, rLPG is an affordable, convenient and non-intrusive ‘drop-in’ solution to decarbonisation for a variety of rural off-grid homes and businesses.  Made from a diverse mix of biological feedstocks and processes, rLPG can deliver up to 90% carbon emissions reduction and carries the same low NOx, SOx and PM as conventional LPG.

In New Zealand LPG is extensively used where natural gas is not available from the national pipeline network.

rLPG is created from renewable and waste materials. The feedstocks undergo a series of sophisticated treatments to purify their energy content.

rLPG is chemically identical to conventional LPG and is transported and stored in the same tanks and used for the same applications and equipment-making the transition from LPG to rLPG seamless.

Biogas can be compressed to be a liquid called bio based renewable LPG or bioLPG.  In countries where there is an extensive use of LPG in off grid applications and biogas is available eg United Kingdom, bioLPG is now being produced and replaces LPG. The New Zealand LPG sector is looking to produce renewable LPG from residual organic wastes.

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