Contact an expert

Contact an expert

New Zealand has a strong biogas industry with a skilled workforce experienced in current biogas technologies, design and operation and many years’ experience, particularly with landfill and sewage gas.

Bioenergy Association members have a wide range of expertise so that any job can be undertaken.  To seek the right person you can search the 'Contact an expert' directory.  These members have signed up to the association's Code of Conduct and have undertaken a range of training and networking experiences so that they will be able to assist you.  

Members wishing to upgrade their profile listing should use the templates on the membership form

Searching for an expert

  • Click on the 'Contact an expert directory' image - this will take you to the Contact an Expert directory page
  • Use the Interest Group filter for 'biogas' - this will bring up profiles of all members listed within the Biogas category, including waste to energy experts. Their profiles set out their areas of expertise and competencies.

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