Asia Pacific


Pacific Waste to Energy Working Group

The Bioenergy Association is convening a Working Group of its members interested in waste to energy opportunities in the Pacific. Any members - country waste managers, waste operators, consultants, and equipment suppliers interested in pursuing waste to energy opportunities in the Pacific are welcome to join the group. The working group meets by audio/visual teleconferencing and is developing a work plan of activities. if you wish to join the Working Group or obtain further information contact contact the executive officer.

Finding Pacific waste-to-energy related reports in the Biogas Knowledge Centre

There have been a number of waste to energy initiatives across the Pacific Islands and a wealth of reports have been generated. Copies of many of these reports are stored in the Biogas Knowledge Centre on the portal. If you are aware of a report which may be of interest to other Pacific countries please send us a copy or a link to a copy.

Publications and resource material can be accessed in the BKC by narrowing the search to 'Pacific' or choosing any location.  Please note that only Pacific specific reports have location 'Pacific'.  Most general material will be under location 'Any'.

Pacific waste-to-energy Working Group activities

A Work Plan of activities of common interest across the Pacific will be developed by the Working Group.

Pacific waste-to-energy webinar/workshops

Because of the distance between participants in the Working Group the webinar format is used for workshops. A programme of Pacific focused webinars will be held throughout the year. See the Events Calendar. These webinars will also be an opportunity for networking between island countries and allow sharing of knowledge and experience.