International markets

The growth of the New Zealand gaseous biofuels sector is following what has been happening in other countries. Bioenergy Association is a member of the World Biogas Association and through that we have contact with other countries. Information on what other countries are doing to grow their gaseous biofuels market is summarised below. 


Learnings from Denmark

  • Denmark leads their policy development with key focus on societal benefits - not energy, not economic drivers
  • Long-term commitment to key policies across all government parties is key - it provides market with confidence
  • Collaboration across value chain is essential, it can't be driven by one sector (waste/energy/agriculture) alone
  • Farmers play a key role in development of a sustainable biogas industry
  • Report “Greening the Grid: Biogas Policy in Denmark”  - an overview of all reports that laid the foundation to Danish biogas policy. Including the links to the actual reports where some of them are in English. Overview done by the Danish Energy Agency