The NZ waste disposal levy

Potential Impacts of Adjustments to the Current Levy Rate and Structure, Final Report
Prepared by Duncan Wilson, Tanzir Chowdhury, Laurence Elliott, Timothy Elliott, Dr Dominic Hogg - 30th May 2017

The research covers the following:

  • Consider options for changes to prescribed rate, and applications to different classes of facility/types of material;
  • Assess potential impacts of options on diversion from disposal and on the economy;
  • Identify how the use of Levy funds could support changes to a Levy regime (for example supporting infrastructure provision, or improved monitoring and compliance);
  • Identify a broad preferred option that, if possible, enhances the effectiveness of the Levy, while optimising economic impacts, and minimising unintended consequences; and
  • Develop an outline implementation plan that would suggest how any changes could be phased in over time to ensure support structures are in place and provide certainty to the sector for planning purposes.

For the purposes of clarity, this report does not cover the following:

  • An analysis of environmental and social externalities associated with disposal;
  • Options for Levy structures, rates, or the use of revenue, that are not provided for in the WMA;
  • Analysis of the impacts of changes to the Levy at a local or regional level; or
  • Analysis of the impacts of changes to the Levy on individual industries or social groupings;
  • Consideration of the political and/or public response to the potential recommendations.
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