Web180418: Opportunities for utilising food industry waste to reduce energy costs

A webinar presented by Alzbeta Bouskova of BPO Ltd on 18 April 2018 at 2pm (NZ time), 12 noon (AEST), 10am (AWST), 11.30am (ACST)

Food industry waste can be a problem, or an opportunity for reducing processing plant energy costs and carbon footprint.  Attendees of this webinar gained an understanding of:

  • the potential reduction in methane emissions as a greenhouse gas contributor;
  • the opportunities for modifying existing industrial waste water treatment facilities to efficiently produce more biogas;
  • the extent of reduction of investment and operating costs achievable;
  • the likely economics of this type of initiative and the amount of international carbon credits which would not have to be purchased with no benefit to the NZ economy.

Related reports and webinar

The reports underpinning this webinar and the upcoming one on 'Utilising municipal organic waste' are now available in the Bioenergy Knowledge Centre, or see links below.

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